Liquid 3D floors high resolution photos

Liquid 3D floors high resolution photos Modern novelties of construction and repair allow you to perform miracles in the interior of Your house. Imagine that You have in the bathroom swim exotic fish, and in the living room is open dandelions!

high-resolution Photos for Liquid 3D floors

All this will become a reality with the use of the technology of liquid 3d floor, they are called «liquid linoleum». Fill 3dпол – this is the image that stuckthe concrete and covered with polymeric coating. This floor is the form of linoleum without seams, and feels like a tile. Industrial flooring can be used not only in the offices, studios or shops, but also in residential buildings. This floor is not scratched his heels, will be perfectly smooth and durable.

It is necessary to follow certain guidelines when performing filling the 3d floor. First, you need to remove the old floor covering, well polished and equalize the surface, to eliminate differences of the level of the floor. Further on the floor caused primer and incubated for several hours. At the next stage on the floor of the attached image (pre-printed or painted by the artist). Then the floor covered with a layer of filling a durable material and dried for several days. Further the floor is polished to the effect of Shine. Care of such a floor does not require much effort. You should use warm water with a small amount of detergent. Such liquid 3d floors will make Your house the luxurious and brilliant.
Bring comfort and coziness in Your house!

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