Photo panels of plastic, for kitchen apron, furniture facade, the door of the wardrobe

Photo panels of plastic Photo panels of plastic – it is the image of a large size, which is printed on special paper and sealed between the layers of glass and composite material.

Such protection allows the placement of a panel even in the bathroom and in the kitchen: he is not afraid of moisture, and dirt is easily removed.
How large can be a picture? Right up to four meters, and a whole, without a single docking. So from фотопанелей you can improvise not only for the kitchen «apron» or the colorful panels for any room. Take it higher: furniture facade, the door of the wardrobe or simply interior, ceiling, shower screen, the head of the bed and rest.

If there is a desire to highlight the panel from the inside out, the image is not printed on photographic paper, and on special film. For interior doors or the facade of the Cabinet can be achieved translucent effect on the light. In such a case, the second, изнаночным layer should not be composite, and also acrylic glass.

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Want to save some money – order Photocopying not on tape, and immediately on the glass or plastic. But cheaper is not better. The image may appear rough, picture bust in pixels (squares). And when cleaning can do very попортиться. Another cheap way – when the film with the image embedded in the plastic, but there is a danger of deformation of the image.

So experts advise not skimp, if you choose this modern way of decorating. The sample of durability – when the image is securely protected. For example, the kitchen «apron» on the basis of a paper of the photo «from behind» is a sheet of paper, PVC, and a facade – polished glass. Or option for the bathroom: photo накатана on a sheet of aluminum and заламинирована.

Using фотопанели, you can achieve stereo effect. It turns out, if applied lens (bitmap) acrylic sheet and special processing of the image. In the end, the picture may change as you move around the room. Let’s say that the wall panels with winter landscape. Step aside – the winter is replaced by a spring, a few steps more has come the summer, and then there comes autumn. In General, all seasons «in one bottle».

Panel surface may be smooth, and it can be bended. Plexiglas, unlike silicate, is amenable to such manipulation.

Mount a panel in a variety of ways. For example, with the use of an aluminum profile – if it is the front of the Cabinet or a Cabinet wall. Panel you can just glue to a sheet of PVC, wood-particle Board or MDF (kitchen furniture). If you want to make panels, let it in the course of usual accessories for the paintings.

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